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On Monday 16th Valdas will give a lecture on ethical problems in communication and their costs. His presentation will be mostly based on exceptional practical examples of non ethical communication in advertising, job adds, mass media and social networks.




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EDITA  RAKAUSKAITE – Thursday 19th


“I am an artist, painter, lecturer and art teacher. I prepare exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. I am the curator of artistic projects. My subjects taught in MRU are related to creativity activities.  I am the mentor and organizer of the Creative Industries Days at MRU. I like to create with young people together and inspire them to creativity.”

On Thursday 19th Edita will hold a workshop on image and idea. It will consist of different practical activities during which you will try to answer those questions : how to communicate differently? How to express your idea by image, line, and color? Why does modern art “is talking” to us? What can visual communication be? What is more important  – word or image?

According to Edita, perhaps you will answer these questions, or maybe you’ll have even more questions …


RASA KATILIENE – Friday 20th


Rasa is lecturer, author of academic publications, consultant of organizational culture, member of MRU Business Innovations Laboratory, and leadership skills training coach.. In recent years, she has been conducting leadership training at various organizations, coaching sessions and consultations, helping to develop leadership and organizational culture for those who seek profound transformations both at the organizational and personal levels.

She will give a lecture on  “leaders-followers communication” on Friday 20th.

The world becomes increasingly global and multicultural. To understand the huge complexity of contemporary societies and the dynamics within them is one of the leadership tasks. Effective communication is a leadership essential – especially when it comes to informing colleagues about key initiatives or strategic changes that might affect them. Have you ever wondered how some public speakers, CEOs, politicians or other leaders are able to “resonate” with their audience? When they resonate, you have thoughts like “yes, that man really tells true” or you think to yourself, “she thinks the way I do…”. It is likely that the speaker spoke in a fashion that “rang true” with your values and beliefs. But how to reach your audience? Is there a technology or knowledge that will help us determine how to communicate with our followers and achieve a high level of resonance? Well, actually there is and we will talk about it.”



This year Gintare is going  to give lecture on Tuesday 17th on creative till craziness about guerilla marketing and even some crazy historical stories.




Lucile comes from France where she is currently doing a degree in Business and Foreign Languages. Her dream is to specialize in international relations and intercultural cooperation. Lucile will do two and a half month internship at MRU during which her main responsibility will be managing summer school “Science and Art of Communication”. Besides her work, she is fond of sustainable development, travels and cultural discoveries.



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“This is my new challenge to participate in an international project. It is a great opportunity to improve, gain new knowledge and professional experience.” – Fausta



“I’m very happy to be a part of SAC Summer School, it will be a great chance to gain experience, find new international friends and help to meet with my home city- Vilnius!” – Daugardas